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Congratulations on discovering the website of the Independent Footwear Retailers Association for Great Britain and Northern Ireland. We are the trade association for hundreds of shoe retailers all across the land who exist to offer something refreshingly different to the big all powerful retail names who are turning the high streets and shopping centres of Britain into indistinguishable clones.

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  • GDS is in Düsseldorf from 29 - 31 July 2015

    GDS will be taking place in Düsseldorf from 29 - 31 July. Staying up to date with trends and developments is a challenge for any business in any market and GDS has been keen to take the lead in …  read more

  • Create your own footfall

    Create Your Own Footfall

    In conjunction with the Decisions by Design we are pleased to announce a seminar dedicated to the independent shoe retail industry. How to create your own footfall helps independent retailers learn …  read more

  • Instore Music

    Amazing Instore and You. IFRA members are part of a refreshingly different retail experience. Although each member is independent of one another, you all share common goals which are based on …  read more

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Find out what IFRA can do for you. In today's economic climate, it is increasingly tough being a retailer. It is even tougher being an independent retailer.



E.ON Energy

E.ON Energy has teamed up with the Association to help members get a better deal on their energy and put a tempting price promise on the table .

E.ON Benefit

Open a Shoe Shop

How to Open a Shoe Shop, an invaluable guide to anyone opening a new shoe shop. Learn from some of the people who have done it already.