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SAP Anywhere makes it possible for growing businesses to capitalise on the growth of ecommerce while helping run their businesses with the agility and efficiently demanded by the digital age. Growing companies will be able to capitalize on retail store sales, build an entire website or online store, create marketing campaigns for it, sell the product, manage the inventory, and analyse whether the business is a success, all from a mobile phone or tablet with business analytics at their fingertips.

SAP Anywhere combines all of these capabilities into a single Software as a Service application, to deliver a powerful solution to small businesses without the daunting task of managing technology infrastructure and many applications to successfully engage and transact with customers. SAP Anywhere incorporates a dedicated Customer Success team to provide integration and implementation assistance at every step of the way, ensuring long term success for customers.

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Please quote “IFRA” when speaking with a member of the SAP Anywhere team.


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