Clearly the world, footwear and fashions have changed immensely since family run business T Groocock & Co (Rothwell) Ltd was founded in 1914. Its origins lie in the manufacture of footwear in the UK and worldwide - a role requiring a very broad and detailed understanding of footwear design, manufacture and component resourcing.

Padders have the concept of comfort so well sewn up that feelgoodfeet™ is their very own trademark. It's a word the sums up their unique approach to creating the ultimate in comfy footwear for men and women, with styles and materials based on exhaustive research into the physiology of feet. Using their own systems of design and manufacture, they’ve gone right back to basics to work out how shoes can be made lighter, more comfortably supportive and durable. Result - feet that feel good from dawn 'till dusk!


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